Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I just want to share my the photos I used for my photo blog post in my Chictopia account!

A vintage vest coming from my mom's closet. I remember my mom wearing this even when I was just a kid.

I wore this outfit when I had a late birthday treat my one my nun friends. Since I was meeting with a nun, I put a pinch of "conservative-ity" to my outfit that day (so that I won't be scolded.haha!) but still I can't resist wearing a skirt. :)

I paired a leopard print top with a plain red skirt. This is what I was wearing during the 50th birthday party of my tita.

This brown cocktail dress is one of my favorites. I actually bought it for a close friend's debut. And earlier this year, I wore it for a family friend's wedding. I need to dress down a bit since I was only a guest for the said wedding (my mom and dad were principal sponsors then).

I wore this when my family and I went to Singapore for a 4-days vacation (actually as a part of their graduation gift to me :p). We arrived at the hotel at around 8:30 pm already and went out to see Chinatown if there is anything that we can have for dinner. It's quite cold at night in Singapore and extremely hot at daytime
(not far from Philippine weather).

My mom treated us for dinner since my cousin just got over with 6th grade.Congrats!
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