Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pieces from ModCloth

One of the things I love to do and really spend time on is browsing through different clothing styles (tops, skirts, accessories, shoes, bags, etc.). When it comes to clothes, I find my self attracted to styles that exhibit uniqueness and sophistication but also with some windows to show off some skin (just a little :p). In my closet, shades of pink, red and blue reign. I love these colors for adding a strong sense of femininity (pink), attracting people's attention (red) and making my complexion to appear lighter (blue). I'm also fond of dresses and skirts! :)

While posting a look in Chictopia, I wondered what's inside the ModCloth advertisement located on the top of the page. Anyhow, ModCloth is an indie/retro/vintage clothing line founded by high school sweethearts, Eric Koger and Susan Gregg Koger (for more information about MOdCloth, click here). So as I browsed through their site, here are some trinkets that caught my eyes...

A sailor-inspired top (Adorable, Ahoy!) and dress (Luxury Craft)

A Tangled-In-You Dress

...which has a very nice back style!

This blue-green Betsey Johnson Sweet Confection Dress is just so lovely! :)

And I think this When In Milan dress is a good pick for any formal gathering. :)

I just hope I can find something similar to these here in the Philippines! :)
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