Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yesterday was another job-interview-day for me. I had my initial interview at Northgate Arinso (in Ortigas, across Robinsons Galleria). I saw a few of my college friends (Jill, Raymund, Marc, JV, Alvin). Third and I had lunch with them at Greenwich.

For Third: he had the new combination of Pasta Supremes - Chicken Carbonara and Premium Beef Strips

For JIll and I: we had Lasagna (one of my favorite pastas) + Chicken

For Reg: she had the Big Time Lunch A (rice+chicken+spaghetti)

We also had a family size Pepperoni Pizza

*All photos came from their website

After lunch, Third and I looked for something sweet to eat for desert. We ended up having one Hazelnut Spread Crepe and Angelina Hot Chocolate of a French Bistro La Creperie (at the Veranda). :) Nutella + Banana + Vanilla Ice Cream is a perfect combination. Their Angelina Hot Choco has the right sweetness too!

Another thing that attracted us to this cafe is their very cozy ambiance. The place has a combination them of yellow, white and teal which is very soft to the eyes. Plus they play mellow French music that soothes every customer's ears. They even have pillows on their couches to make their customers feel more comfortable. Their hanging baby blue lamps also caught my attention.

After having our sumptuous desert, Third and I said that we wanted to have one spot in our future house with a similar set-up as theirs. :)

For their menu, they have their sweet crepes as their specialty. :)

Thanks for reading. You should try these yourselves ♥
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