Sunday, May 15, 2011

6th Day fot PFW Holiday 2011

I really wanted to see this season's PFW (actually it would be my first since we didn't attend last time though we had invites then). I joined several online blog contests hoping to be one of the lucky winners of the VIP tickets, but I guess I'm not lucky enough as of the moment. Fortunately, the friend of my friend had tickets for the shows. We booked for Saturday & Sunday afternoon shows. We were running quite late cause of the slow flow of traffic around Mall of Asia. For today's event, my boyfriend and I decided to go for monochrome pattern. Here are some of our photos taken at SMX while waiting...

Oh, by the way, for my accessories, here are some photos:

We didn't expect that we have to start falling in line about an hour before the set time fot a particular show, so what we just attended was the Candie's and the Ford Supermodels show. We lined up for Eric Delos Santos' show but decided to start lining up for Candie's, and yes we were able to catch up with the first collection (due to the long line :/). We saw some fashion bloggers like

Camille Co,

Kryz Uy,

Lexi Gancayco and

Laureen Uy as they take the runway.

Maxene Magallona was like the ice princess of the night. We also spotted teen celebrities from PBB Teen Edition 2010:

Fretzie and Brett,

Tricia and James

Anne Li and


The rink was well designed, they even have carved ice blocks at the center

- those were cool! We think Candie's was the most expensive production among all the shows for thos season's PFW.

After seeing Candie's, we went straight to line up for tje Ford Supermodel show (we missed Regatta). People were still so energenic though it is already one of the latest shows, haha! 8 ladies ramped in contest for the next Filipina candidate for Ford's Supermodel. Danica Magpantay, who had the title of being the first Filipina Ford Supermodel (2010), was also there.

The Ford Supermodels are so so so tall, and I envy their height though I'm 5'4", I'm still hoping that my genes contributing to my height still continue to perform their tasks, hahaha!:p As the show ends, the winner was also announced and was awarded by Ms. Katie Ford herself. Congratulations Samantha Gomez for having such an achievement at an early age of 14!

...and it's time to go home. My 4-year old cousin is waiting for me to go home pala that's why she's still awake. My boyfriend and I took a picture first with her before putting on out pambahay outfits,hehe.:p

More photos tomorrow for Philippine Fashion Week's last day! :)

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