Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's Time to Unwind

For these consecutive weeks, we did a lot of walking and running after our time - going to job interviews, meeting with the suppliers for our online shop, meeting up with our customers,etc. (The Trinket Shop), doing meet-ups with customers, etc. We can all feel this year's summer heat getting higher and seeing the sun at its peak really affects my day especially when I'm out almost round the clock. It is expected that on the top of this season's activity list is to get soaked in beaches and pools and get than sexy tan line marks, but another way to enjoy the summer is to pamper yourself! It's time to sit back, stretch out and relax, and Beauty & Butter is just a perfect place for this! Beauty & Butter is one of the newest pampering station here in the Philippines. They have their branches at SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM San Lazaro and SM Cebu (opened last April 1,2011). They offer services such as manicure/nailarts and pedicure, facial services, body massage, etc. For the price list, please see the photo below:

Credits to Ms. Mary Rose for the price list image

As part of their promos, online bloggers were invited for a free service of their choice. My availability for this treat was a variable at first since I had to attend to a lot of things that day, but no regrets that I made it! :)

I availed their Hand and Foot Spa with Manicure & Pedicure and as for my boyfriend, Third, he had the Foot Reflexology Massage with Pedicure. And if I were to describe this experience with one word, I would definitely say it's AMAZING!

Last Wednesday (May 4, 2001), we arrived at their SM Megamall branch at around 5:50 in the afternoon after seeing the breath-taking movie Thor (this movie is a must-seen. I didn't expect I would love the story since my first impression with the trailer was 'nyaa! It is a movie which boys can enjoy alone.', but after watching the film, I felt like I will wait for Captain America and The Avengers to roll in movie houses). Oh, by the way, it was also our first time at Beauty & Butter. We just love the place for it offers a very cozy and comfortable feeling to its customers. Their friendly and accommodating personnels wear yellow uniforms which adds life to the environment. You can even have an exchange of simple stories with them or even throw jokes at these lovely ladies. :)

These wall murals are one of my favorites. Honestly, I want to have some in my own room. :p

Their soft and very comfortable couches are also good. Customers can either sit (for spa/manicure/pedicure service) or lie (for facial/massage service). Beauty & Butter also provides TV screen which rolls music videos to avoid their customers from being bored. Together with these tools, it was really surprising that they also have ipads for their customers, how nice isn't it?

And for those who are with their husbands, kids, boyfriend, etc., do not worry for they will not be bored while waiting for you to get done and over with your pampering services for Beauty & Butter has provided them with a lounge/internet hub wherein they can surf the internet for free!

The idea of having the sinks and foams for foot rest in one is really great. They have saved space as well as the time in bringing in basins for foot spa.

And this one also amazed me - the wonder nail dryer (haha!). I just wish to have one too so that when I do my nails at home, I'll not be having a hard time being very very careful everytime I move.

They also use the bests nail-polishes in town - O.P.I, China Glaze, Orly, Wild Shine. They also sell other products such as creams, moisturizer, umbrellas, pouches, hand sanitizers, etc.

This place is really for all ages - for tired employees who come from their offices, for stressed grade school/highschool/college students who were doing their thesis/projects all night, for mothers who have been very dedicated in doing their household chores, for fathers who have put all their effort in dealing with their heavy tasks, for kids who just wish to enjoy the feeling of being pampered at an early age, for a group of friends who wants to try a new form of bonding, for couples who would just want to enjoy each other's company while relaxing - in short, for everyone.

Definitely, we are coming back for more! Thank you Beauty & Butter for this wonderful experience!

♥ - Lara (& Third)
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