Saturday, June 4, 2011

Laia on the Spot!

I just had my free time now to check and update my social network sites cause I've been busy for the past few days since I already had my first week at work. :) Honestly, I missed browsing through sites of the different online shops and as I update my self of the latest fashion items on sale I happen to drop by this online shop named Laia. I think they just started posting their items online. You can check out their shop at facebook and on multiply.

I find their items unique cause these are handmade and they sell only one piece per design. With just cuts of wires and ribbons combines with pieces of beads/stones, they have come up with very captivating designs. So what are you waiting for, grab one for yourself now! Below are sample of their items.

Stone Necklaces

So,e of their Earthen Cocktail rings

and some of their Stone Cocktail Rings

They are also good as gift items for they come in a very presentable packaging. :)

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